Campfires are completely extinguished before bedtime. Campfires should be away from trees.
Firecrackers and fireworks are strictly prohibited on the ground, under penalty of immediate expulsion.

The barriers remain closed between the curfew and the opening 08:00.

The stand-up paddle boards are forbiden on all lakes.


For the 60th anniversary of Camping, we revisit our rules for dogs! This year, for the first time in 20 years, you will have the opportunity to walk your faithful hairy companions on a leash on the campsite! Goodbye the trolleys and hello to the leash! It is important to note that dogs are however prohibited at all times at the beach, at the pool and near children's games.

It goes without saying that to maintain this privilege in the future, it is important that dog owners be respectful of other campers and their reserved space, but also that they clean the small (and big) gifts behind their companion. Bags are available at the dog park for this purpose. Thank you for your usual collaboration and good 2019 camping season!

Some rules are to follow concerning animals:
* Always keep your dogs on a leash (on your site and during walks), regardless of their docility or size
* Feces must be collected at all times
* Children must be strong enough and mature to walk around with a dog and retain as needed
* Children under 12 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times when visiting the dog park
* Dogs are prohibited at all times on the beach, at water games, at the pool, near parks and children's playgrounds, at Fun Putt and in buildings such as the convenience store, the community hall, the house of young people and sanitary blocks, regardless of the size of the animal and its docility


For your protection and that of your children, the maximum speed is 10km/h. The camper must park his vehicle on his site. All vehicles are prohibited on the beach and on the playgrounds. Only use your vehicle after curfew when absolutely necessary. Motorcycles and mini-bikes can not circulate on the ground, other than to go out. Cycling is forbidden on the beach. When it's dark, the bicycles must have a light, otherwise you have to walk on the ground. On the pedestrian bridge, you walk on foot or next to your bicycle.

*All types of golf carts and/or ATV are strictly prohibited on the site. *


The water is drinkable everywhere on the ground, it must be spared. Put garbage in the containers provided for this purpose. Do not throw paper or sanitary napkins in the toilet. The use of soap and detergent is prohibited in the lake or pool. It is strictly forbidden to use flammable materials, such as old oils, essences or others to feed campfires. It is forbidden to cut or damage (plant nails, bark or other) in any way the trees of the land. Leave the sites in the condition you would like to find them.


The rental price of land applies to the tenant, his spouse and minor children. Only one camping unit per site is accepted. Arrivals are scheduled from 13:00 and departures are scheduled for 13:00. Each camper is responsible for his guests. Visitors must leave the grounds for curfew, after this time they will be subject to the tariff of a camper who stays. Avoid any noise after the curfew of 23 pm week and midnight on Saturday. The management reserves the right to expel any camper or visitor it deems to be undesirable discretion, without refund. Picnic tables: It is forbidden to exchange the table with the neighboring land.

Car washing with garden hose is prohibited. Fronds, rifles or weapons of any kind are prohibited on the ground. Any extension or new construction must first obtain the authorization of the owner of the campsite. Electricity: Minimize extensions.

* NOTE: The owner can not in any case be held responsible for damage caused to the tenant or visitors by a partial lack of electricity or falling trees, fire, theft or accidents occurred on the ground or beach.

These rules are subject to change at any time by management.

Thank you for your cooperation, the observation of these regulations will facilitate your safety and enhance your stay with us.