Camping Plage Paquet Inc., 325 campsites 

We only accept bookings by phone. 

We will start booking for the summer of 2019, on Monday, April 29 at 10.00 AM. At that time, if you wish to book, we will accept reservations only by phoneWhen booking, a credit card number is requested. As soon as it is over, there is no cancellation deadline and the stay is not transferable, either to another date or person.

Reservation Fee ($ 5.22 + txs/ per campsite/ per stay)

PLEASE NOTE: To make a booking, you must have your full contact information, as well as that of the other people who accompany you, if you book for more than one campsite. These include names, addresses, equipment and size, number of adults and children, and a credit card number. 

Reservation for two nights minimum. When booking, the reservation fee and half of the nights booked will be charged to the credit card as an advance payment. In case of cancellation, the fees and the nights collected are not refunded. It is important to note that when booking with a credit card, the disclosure of your number entitles us to charge the amount of the advance payment and the booking fee, as well as the full cost of stay in the case a cancellation occurring less than three days before the scheduled date of your arrival.

The number of nights charged on the credit card at the time of booking varies as follows:

Reservation fee, 6 $/ per campsite / per stay, taxes included
Booking a weekend = 1 day charged during the reservation
Booking 4-5 days = 2 days charged during the reservation
Booking 6-7 days = 3 days charged during the reservation

Cancellation within 3 days before the scheduled arrival date: 100% of reserved nights are charged on the credit card, regardless of the reason for the cancellation 


*All types of golf carts and/or all-terrain vehicle are strictly forbidden on the site *


Phone: (819) 364-5753
Fax: (819) 364-2680

Opening date: May 10, 2019
Date of closing: September 08, 2019


Season 2019 pricing

Rates 2 adults / 3 children

Arrivals are from 13:00 and departures are scheduled for 13:00. The rental price of land applies to the tenant, his spouse and minor children. Only one camping unit per site!

Campsite with service:

Minimun 43.49 $ + txs the night / 50.00 $ taxes included (electricity 15-20 amperes)
Maximun 47.84 $ + txs the night / 55.00 $ taxes included (electricity 30 amperes)

Price for a month 691.46 $ + txs / 795.00 $ taxes included.
Price for the season from 1570.00 $ + taxes. If you select extras, these will be added to your invoice. (see Seasonal Sites tab)

* For each extra adult in equipment (18 years old +), the visitor rate applies *

New promotion for additional persons sleeping in the equipment of a camper during a stay of 3 days and 2 consecutive nights (eg from Friday 13:00 to Sunday 13:00).
$ 25 / additional person for a weekend, taxes included!
Note: the arrival and departure times are the same as for the camper for this promotion, ie at 1 pm, unlike the standard visitor price. One camping unit per site It is forbidden to install an additional tent on the ground.


Visitor's entrance for the day:

Adult: 6.53 $ + txs for the day / 7.50 $ taxes included
Child: 3.92 $ + txs for the day / 4.50 $ taxes included
Adult: 3.92 $ + txs for the night / 4.50 $ taxes included (departure max 9h00)
Child: 3.05 $ + txs for the night / 3.50 $ taxes included (departure max 9h00)

Family passes (days only or days / nights) are also available at the reception.

Special for the 61th anniversary of Camping ! This summer we are offering you special 60th visitor passes. Each pass is valid for 10 visitors for the day, for the duration of the 2019 season. The promotional pass for adults is offered at a price of $ 60 instead of $ 75, while the one for children is at the price $ 36 instead of $ 45. You get two free tickets for each guest pass purchased!


Activities with additional rate:

Fun Putt: $ 9.00 per person, taxes included.
Kayak and pedal boat: $ 6.00 or $ 9.00 per half hour/ per boat, taxes included.

The stand-up paddle boards are forbiden on all lakes.


Wi-Fi Internet connection

We offer Wi-Fi internet service throughout the campsite. Several packages are available to meet your needs, please contact the campsite.

Network: WIFI Camping Plage Paquet Public

Two hours (2 hours): 5.00 $ + txs / 5.75 $ taxes included
One day (24h): 10.00 $ + txs / 11.50 $ taxes included
One weekend (72h): 15.00 $ + txs / 17.25 $ taxes included
One week (168h): 25.00 $ + txs / 28.75 $ taxes included
One month (744h): 38.00 $ + txs / 43.70 $ taxes included

NB: We are not responsible if there is a lack of electricity, if the Internet service is in trouble or any other incidents that could prevent access to the service.

* No refund or transfer of package *


CAMPING PLAGE PAQUET INC. 61 years with you (1958-2019)

You can also come and have fun in our water games!

New: Dog park on the campsite!

For more information, please contact us. Thank you!